100% Raid Attendance

For those who prefer to maintain 100% raid attendance, we will accommodate you as much as possible. We will honor the commitment of those who successfully maintain 100% or near 100% raid attendance. However, if progression needs or loot optimization demand that you be placed on standby or granted a night off, you shall receive full attendance credit for that night. Players who raid 100% of the time may be subject to roster adjustments as dictated by progression needs but will otherwise participate in raids 100% of the time.

Flexible Rotation (85-100% attendance)

For those who prefer to raid 100% but expect that extenuating circumstances may lead to absence on an infrequent or unpredictable basis, Celestial Born offers a flexible rotation slot with an 85-90% minimum attendance requirement. Members who elect to raid in this category will be expected to communicate their absences with as much notice as possible (ideally at least 1 week in advance) and ensure that a replacement is available for their position for any absence with less than 1-week notice. Members in this category may maintain 100% raid attendance where possible and will not be discouraged from doing so and are otherwise held to the same criteria outlined for 100% attendance.

Fixed Rotation (80-90% attendance)

For those who anticipate the need to miss a raid on a fixed schedule (every 5th Tuesday or every 6th week, for example), Celestial Born offers a fixed rotation position. If you require a consistent absence from raiding, we will accommodate your schedule to the best of our ability. Raid members who participate in fixed rotation are expected to communicate their schedule and any changes to their schedule well in advance of their absence. This program is designed to allow raiders to take breaks without guilt, to further eliminate a standby roster, stave off burn out, and facilitate roster health.

If you wish to rotate but are unable to meet the minimum of 80% attendance (missing roughly 3-4 raid nights every 8 weeks), we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. Members who attend less than 80% may be placed on standby if gear becomes an issue but will otherwise be regarded as full members of the roster. We understand that this may be RNG dependent, but our ability to progress through content is our first priority. Final required attendance rates will be designed for each member of the raid that participates in Fixed Rotation—we would rather have an exceptional player 80% of the time for a long time than an exceptional player 100% of the time who burns out.

Members in any category may swap to another at any time if extenuating circumstances change, pending review of their rationale. Our roster will be operated in the same manner as a place of professional employment—we will expect consistency and communication from those who raid here.

In-Raid Rotation

Celestial Born leadership retains the right to rotate players in and out of the raid based on progression needs and the potential to optimize loot distribution across our full raid membership. Players may be shuffled in and out of raids intermittently on a case-by-case basis to ensure that progression and farm is efficient. Players on standby for a particular boss will be notified with as much advanced notice as possible so they may use standby time productively as they see fit (IRL or in-game). Players who are placed on standby for one boss but are required to return to the raid for a later boss are encouraged to leave their character near the raid instance or coordinate travel in a timely manner.

Celestial Born also uses loot-based opt-in player rotation for when a player does not require loot from a particular boss or set of bosses. Players may communicate their needs to the Officer team or their Class Leader so that the guild may optimize the active raid roster to increase the effective gearing of the raid. The decision to rotate a player based on loot needs is determined by the ability for the guild to optimize the raid position with another player who needs loot, and the ability of the guild to clear the boss or set of bosses without the players who opt to rotate out. We aim to strike a balance that maintains member satisfaction while facilitating as much loot optimization as possible.

The Celestial Born Officer Team and all Celestial Born leadership will strive to continually communicate with members regarding their needs and expectations so that no time is wasted, and our roster is sustainable long-term. It is our hope that each member that joins Celestial Born will embark on this journey with us all the way from Molten Core to Naxxramas and beyond.