As we return to World of Warcraft Classic over a decade after its initial release, the loot tables, best-in-slot lists, class-by-class loot prioritization and all manner of niche uses for items are well documented by the community. Celestial Born’s (CB) loot system will reflect insights from this body of knowledge as the foundation for a transparent, member-driven, predetermined loot council. Members at every level of Celestial Born’s raid team will collaborate with their fellow raiders, class leaders, role leaders and officers to establish a system where the raid is the priority. We expect that members of CB will cherish the distribution of loot, even if not into their own inventory. CB accepts and understands that in order to develop a culture as such, an equitable, fair and transparent loot system is necessary. This policy details the planned loot system to be used throughout the lifespan of Classic. Compliance with the policies and procedures contained within this document is mandatory for all members of the guild, leadership included. Members of the guild may use this document as the basis for discussion in the event of a dispute.

Distribution of Loot: Philosophy

As mentioned above, Celestial Born will operate using a predetermined, transparent and member-driven loot council throughout the entirety of Classic. However, consistent with our overall philosophy, members are encouraged to provide consistent feedback as to how CB can best optimize internal practices regarding the distribution of loot. All feedback should be provided in a professional, concise and guild-driven context.

CB’s loot council shall function using a simple hierarchy that operates from the ground-up. No loot shall be distributed without the consent of the majority of any one given class or role’s members. Successful distribution of loot is an essential part of every WoW guild, and something that CB does not take lightly. Our aim is to establish a community wherein each member feels as though they are a part of the loot process and they have something material to look forward to each and every raid. We hope to build a system that encourages competition, but also facilitates a culture where each raid member is as excited for their own loot as they are for another raider’s loot, even those within their shared loot distribution category.

Loot shall be distributed within categories. This can be as simple as healing, tanking, and DPS but as complicated as threat-per-second generation sets, mana-per-5 sets, PVP-specific items, and any other category as determined by the processes and criteria contained in this policy. Role Leaders will be responsible for the consistent maintenance of category-based distribution. Role Leaders will continually evaluate the best uses of loot across multiple shared categories. Loot categories include class.

Members of CB’s raid team playing unique or niche specs, such as feral druid, retribution paladin, shadow priest, etc., shall be treated as equals and are subject to the policies contained in this document no different than any other raid member. However, as part of the general agreement process and the evaluation criteria contained further in this document, members of the guild playing niche specs may be subject to extended loot distribution timelines in order to optimize guild growth in the early stages of each phase or tier.

Distribution of Loot: Discussion, Dissent, Agreement

Loot shall be distributed transparently, quickly, and without discussion during the raid. The intent of every minute of every raid is to pursue the mission and goal of the guild as laid out in the charter. All discussions, discrepancies and disagreements regarding loot shall take place outside of the raiding environment within the appropriate channels. No dissent shall disrupt the pace of the raid. Disagreements will be handled and resolved with transparent professionalism to the satisfaction of all parties prior to each raid. With over 40 players on our planned active roster, we expect compromise, sacrifice and dedication to the guild as a whole. With the current phase system laid out by the WoW Classic team, CB expects to be clearing each raid of each tier quickly and regularly. We expect that, barring unfortunate drops, all members will achieve close to best-in-slot prior to the release of the next tier. While CB will not tolerate loot-based disruptions during the raid (excluding those that occur as a point of celebration), CB shall encourage consistent feedback and communication as part of the loot distribution process.

Distribution of Loot: Timeline

All loot shall be discussed and agreed upon by all members of the raid and by all members of CB’s leadership team prior to first raid of any given tier, or prior to the participation of the guild in any event where the distribution of loot is at the sole discretion of CB. Events where CB shares participation with other guilds or members of the greater server community are not subject to the rules and regulations of this document. No raid that takes place at standard raid times is subject to this potential exception—during primary raid times CB shall maintain the practices as detailed in this document, even in the case of a significant non-guild presence in the raid.

As in the discussion section, all discussion of the distribution of loot shall take place prior to the raid and all members of CB’s active raid roster and active leadership team shall participate in regular and timely meetings in order to continually evaluate the distribution of loot based on drop-rates and current needs.

Distribution of Loot: Hierarchy

Celestial Born shall use the following reporting structure based on rank in order to facilitate the discussion of loot, establish equity and transparency among leadership and raid members, and build the effectiveness of the raid team:

  1. Guild Master
  2. Officers
  3. Role Leaders
  4. Class Leaders
  5. Raid Members

Guild Master

The Guild Master shall have final say in any and all discussions of loot. The Guild Master shall be responsible for the resolution of matters that the officer team is unable to resolve. Use of the Guild Master in regular loot discussion is to be kept to an absolute minimum, excluding the first phase of Classic.


Officers shall compile, maintain, and execute the distribution of all loot both inside and outside of the raid. Officers shall meet with role and class leaders as needed (both formally and informally) as the needs of the raid change and new items are distributed to raiders in order to keep the predetermined loot distribution plan current. Officers shall report any disputes to the Guild Master and consult the Guild Master on an as-needed basis. Officers shall keep the reporting of disputes to the Guild Master to an absolute minimum.

Role Leaders

Role Leaders shall communicate and discuss the distribution of all loot with their members of their respective roles. Role leaders shall adjourn and guide meetings between various class leaders within their role. Role Leaders are responsible for establishing a long-term loot plan with Class Leaders and establishing agreement with all Class Leaders regarding distribution of each class’s loot. Role Leaders may call individual Raid Members into discussions or involve all members of their respective role, to be determined at the discretion of a majority decision between the Role Leader and their class leaders.

Class Leaders

Class Leaders shall maintain consistent contact with the members of their class, across all roles (for those Class Leaders with hybrid players under their leadership). Class Leaders shall work with each member of their class in order to improve performance, improve player satisfaction within the raid and guild, and establish the equitable distribution of loot within their class. Class Leaders will be responsible for creating a loot distribution plan for their unique class to be reported to their Role Leader for adjustment and approval. Class Leaders shall only report a loot distribution plan to their Role Leader when a majority is reached within the members of that class. In cases where there is a significant percentage of dissension, discussion shall take place with additional guild leadership as necessary until 100% agreement is reached.

Raid Members

Raid Members are expected to consistently report to their class leader regarding their performance, expectations, satisfaction and feedback regarding the use of their class, and the loot distributed to their class within the raid. Raid Members should always be up to date on their class’s best practices, specializations, gear, strategies and any other criteria deemed necessary for the success of that class, including participation in activities outside the raid. Raid Members shall communicate with fellow members of their class, their Class Leader, and their Role Leader on a regular basis to reach agreement regarding assignments within the raid and the distribution of loot.

Distribution of Loot: Evaluation Criteria

Members of Celestial Born’s raiding team will be continually evaluated by their class leader, role leader, officers and the guild master as needed (usually on a per-raid basis) on the following criteria by order of importance:

  1. Performance
  2. Attendance
  3. Capacity for growth; ability to improve raid by raid, excluding improvement made by the acquisition of loot
  4. Attitude; treatment of others; contribution to a constructive guild environment
  5. Contribution to guild efforts outside of raid (this will be a minimal factor as CB respects those who balance real-life commitments with our guild’s needs and community)
  6. Any other special criteria determined by the governing body of the guild on an as needed basis. Special criteria used in the distribution of loot shall be applied equally across all members of that shared distribution category. Special criteria may include the prioritization of items based on raider advocacy and guild needs. This may include, but is not limited to, the following:
    1. Set completion
    2. Tanking gear
    3. Legendary items
    4. PVP items (for those items that are not standard in PVE but present advantages to those who PVP regularly in both open-world and instanced environments)
    5. Niche roles to be taken regularly by one member such as hunter kiting, whelp tanking in the BWL Suppression Room, solo-healing a group for an extended period, and other various unique responsibilities as demanded by each raid tier.
    6. Crafting and profession related items

Sample Distribution of Loot Hierarchy Chart: