This Charter intends to formalize the structure and rules of Celestial Born, and to provide potential recruits a means to assess whether or not we are a good fit. 

Statement of purpose

We have two main goals:

Ultimately, we seek to accomplish everything Classic raiding has to offer at the cutting edge of progression while achieving some form of real life balance through our roster schedule. 

Raid schedule

Loot system

We utilize a loot system based on a member-driven and pre-designated loot council. Members of each class and role meet to discuss each piece of loot (facilitated by Role Leaders), where it would be best utilized, and ultimately create a priority list for the distribution of each item. Priority is given to guild-wide BiS in consideration of future tiers. Loot assignments are always set in advance of raids to expedite raid execution and maintain in-raid efficiency.

We ultimately aim to put loot where it best serves the guild as a whole, eliminate drama and waste, and empower each raider while minimizing leadership influence. Our central philosophy is that we will celebrate ALL loot together as the guild improves raid by raid.

Loot is distributed evenly and based on the following criteria in order of importance:

  1. Attendance
  2. Performance
  3. Capacity for growth 
  4. Attitude and treatment of others

Raid roster

Our raid team consists of 46 people that will work together to the end of Naxxramas and beyond. Our roster is designed to optimize performance while minimizing wasting loot as a result of over-stacking any particular class.

Member expectations

We expect members to read and acknowledge the expectations and requirements of all guild policies. All members of Celestial Born, including leadership, will be held equally accountable to the rules and regulations of all guild policies. CB will not tolerate violation of these policies – you will be expected to know them well.


CB will NOT tolerate discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived race, creed, color, religion, national origin, citizenship status, sex, age, disability, veteran status, bankruptcy or debt, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, gender identity or expression, genetic characteristics, ancestry, or any other classification normally protected by law. While a healthy rivalry between in-game classes, specs, or roles is acceptable, we require civil and courteous behavior towards the real people behind each keyboard.

Members will refrain from displaying, linking to, or discussing politics, religion, illegal activities, sexual orientation, or explicit sexual acts in game chat or our Discord. If such discussions are held privately in a voice channel, be aware that others may join your channel at any time and that you must keep the discussion appropriate with respect to the audience. We do not want to discourage healthy banter, but we do respect that in a guild of this size banter must be respectful and mindful of others.

Be mature and respectful while keeping a positive attitude at all times both within and outside the guild, on forums, etc. We expect that all members of CB will always represent us well in the greater server community.

Do not buy gold and risk the longevity of your account by participating in activities that violate Blizzard’s Terms of Service.

Any member of Celestial Born in violation of the policies mentioned herein will be subject to immediate probation or removal from Celestial Born.


We expect all members to be capable of communicating absences in advance as well as being capable of sitting out when the time comes. Communication and cooperation regarding raid absences is a critical function of CB.

Maintaining a healthy schedule is a critical operation of Celestial Born. It is each individual member’s responsibility to communicate any absence to leadership at least a week in advance, as not doing so will directly risk our ability to fill the raid. All raid attendance is tracked and evaluated continuously. We actively encourage raid members to communicate their absence with as much advance notice as possible. Things happen, and the sooner we know the better.

We also expect members to be capable of being on standby when the time comes. With a roster of 46 highly consistent raiders, all raid members will be placed on standby at some point during their time with Celestial Born. Understand that being placed on standby is not a punishment, but a necessary operation of a healthy roster. 


Our start time is our start time. Have your character ready to enter the raid prior to 9:00 p.m. EST each raid night. Communication is vital and unexcused tardiness will not be tolerated.

We expect members to be vocal and active as necessary in the raid discord. However, we do not want crowded communications with unnecessary chatter during difficult raid moments. If you do not have a high-quality or relatively decent microphone, you will be muted on discord for the duration of each raid and expected to fix the issue.

Know your class and perform reasonably competitively (~80%) with the most competitive of us. CB holds members of the raid accountable for their performance. All feedback is constructive and geared toward the success of the guild, however you must be an eager participant willing to receive feedback and discuss your strengths and weaknesses. Based on member performance, leadership may place raid members on a probationary period due to inadequate performance in our raids. If significant improvement in the areas mentioned does not occur over the probationary period, raiders risk losing their spot in Celestial Born’s raids.