This Charter intends to formalize the structure and rules of Celestial Born, and to provide potential recruits a means to assess whether or not we are a good fit.  Let us know if you have any thoughts or questions.


Statement of purpose

We have two main goals:

Ultimately, we seek to accomplish everything Classic raiding has to offer while achieving some form of real life balance through our roster schedule. We are not hardcore in our scheduling but neither are we casual. Accomplishing our first goal will have intensive requirements and we will commit the necessary time to complete content at a productive pace. We will establish as an Alliance guild on Pagle.

Raid schedule

The raid schedule shall include world buff acquisition if needed. Wednesdays will be eliminated as much as possible during the early phases of Classic. We will streamline as much as possible. We will never require raiding on any other day of the week. However, depending on our needs and progress, we may utilize planned raid-night extensions to complete specific content. The intent of each raid night is to clear content and always seek to fulfill everyone’s BiS. If there is interest, we may designate optional raid nights for alts, or squeeze in an additional farm raid, but not to the detriment of our purpose.

Roster rotation

As part of our commitment to raid efficiency, we will coordinate roster rotation and offer dynamic attendance rates provided minimum requirements are met. The following are currently accepted conditions on our raid roster.

100% Raid Attendance

For those who prefer to maintain 100% raid attendance, we will accommodate you as much as possible. We will honor the commitment of those who successfully maintain 100% or near 100% raid attendance. However, if progression needs or loot optimization demand that you be placed on standby or granted a night off, you shall receive full attendance credit for that night. Players who raid 100% of the time may be subject to roster adjustments as dictated by progression needs but will otherwise participate in raids 100% of the time.

Flexible Rotation (85-100% attendance)

For those who prefer to raid 100% but expect that extenuating circumstances may lead to absence on an infrequent or unpredictable basis, Celestial Born offers a flexible rotation slot with an 85-90% minimum attendance requirement. Members who elect to raid in this category will be expected to communicate their absences with as much notice as possible (ideally at least 1 week in advance) and ensure that a replacement is available for their position for any absence with less than 1-week notice. Members in this category may maintain 100% raid attendance where possible and will not be discouraged from doing so and are otherwise held to the same criteria outlined for 100% attendance.

Fixed Rotation (80-90% attendance)

For those who anticipate the need to miss a raid on a fixed schedule (every 5th Tuesday or every 6th week, for example), Celestial Born offers a fixed rotation position. If you require a consistent absence from raiding, we will accommodate your schedule to the best of our ability. Raid members who participate in fixed rotation are expected to communicate their schedule and any changes to their schedule well in advance of their absence. This program is designed to allow raiders to take breaks without guilt, to further eliminate a standby roster, stave off burn out, and facilitate roster health.

If you wish to rotate but are unable to meet the minimum of 80% attendance (missing roughly 3-4 raid nights every 8 weeks), we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. Members who attend less than 80% may be placed on standby if gear becomes an issue but will otherwise be regarded as full members of the roster. We understand that this may be RNG dependent, but our ability to progress through content is our first priority. Final required attendance rates will be designed for each member of the raid that participates in Fixed Rotation—we would rather have an exceptional player 80% of the time for a long time than an exceptional player 100% of the time who burns out.

Members in any category may swap to another at any time if extenuating circumstances change, pending review of their rationale. Our roster will be operated in the same manner as a place of professional employment—we will expect consistency and communication from those who raid here.

In-Raid Rotation

Celestial Born leadership retains the right to rotate players in and out of the raid based on progression needs and the potential to optimize loot distribution across our full raid membership. Players may be shuffled in and out of raids intermittently on a case-by-case basis to ensure that progression and farm is efficient. Players on standby for a particular boss will be notified with as much advanced notice as possible so they may use standby time productively as they see fit (IRL or in-game). Players who are placed on standby for one boss but are required to return to the raid for a later boss are encouraged to leave their character near the raid instance or coordinate travel in a timely manner.

Celestial Born will also use loot-based opt-in player rotation for when a player does not require loot from a particular boss or set of bosses. Players may communicate their needs to the Officer team or their Class Leader so that the guild may optimize the active raid roster to increase the effective gearing of the raid. The decision to rotate a player based on loot needs will be determined by the ability for the guild to optimize the raid position with another player who needs loot, and the ability of the guild to clear the boss or set of bosses without the players who opt to rotate out. We aim to strike a balance that maintains member satisfaction while facilitating as much loot optimization as possible.

Member Responsibilities and Minimum Requirements

Maintaining a healthy schedule is a critical operation of Celestial Born. It is each individual member’s responsibility to communicate any absence to leadership at least a week in advance, as not doing so will directly risk our ability to fill the raid. All raid attendance will be tracked and evaluated continuously throughout the life of Celestial Born. We will actively encourage raid members to communicate their absence with as much advanced notice as possible. Things happen and the sooner we know the better.

In general, raid members must meet the following requirements as a minimum, and any applicable requirements given their chosen attendance category.

Celestial Born raiders must:

The Celestial Born Officer Team and all Celestial Born leadership will strive to continually communicate with members regarding their needs and expectations so that no time is wasted, and our roster is sustainable long-term. It is our hope that each member that joins Celestial Born will embark on this journey with us all the way from Molten Core to Naxxramas and beyond.

Raid roster

Our target is to maintain a single raid team of 45 members that will work together from the first night of Molten Core to the end of Naxxramas. We plan to optimize roster performance while minimizing wasting loot as a result of over-stacking any particular class.

Total Roster:

Loot system

The Vanilla loot tables have been finalized for a long time. The community as a whole has made tremendous progress as to what items are the best for each spec/role across the tiers of WoW Classic. Our loot system will implement this knowledge to expedite progression with a guild-comes-first bias.

We will utilize a pre-designated loot council, aka loot sheet. Priority will be given to guild-wide BiS with consideration given to future tiers. Loot assignments will be set in advance of raids. The few members playing off-spec roles will be treated as complete equals.

What is BiS will be set in advance, is always up for discussion outside of raids, and will be adapted in the event of ample evidence catered to the guild-first bias.

We ultimately aim to put loot where it best serves the guild as a whole, eliminate drama and waste, and empower each raider while minimizing leadership influence. Our central philosophy is that we cherish ALL loot together as the guild improves raid by raid.

For more information on how CB will put this philosophy into practice, please see our official Loot Policy at

Guild Structure

Celestial Born shall use the following reporting structure based on rank in order to facilitate the discussion of loot, establish equity and transparency among leadership and raid members, and build the effectiveness of the raid team:

  1. Guild Master
  2. Officers
  3. Role Leaders
  4. Class Leaders
  5. Raid Members
  6. Reserve Members
  7. Members

Guild Master

The Guild Master shall oversee all aspects of the guild. The Guild Master shall be responsible for the resolution of matters that the officer team is unable to resolve.


Officers shall work together with the GM to develop, institute, and execute policy while being mindful of the best interest of the guild and consistent transparency.

Role Leaders

Role Leaders shall serve as the unifying link between all classes that fall under their respective role. Role Leaders oversee the loot distribution plans of their respective Class Leaders and shall adjourn and guide meetings between various Class Leaders within their role at their own discretion. Role Leaders will work with the Raid Leader in order to assign members of their role appropriately for progression.

Class Leaders

Class Leaders shall maintain consistent contact with the members of their class, across all roles (for those Class Leaders with hybrid players under their leadership). Class Leaders shall work with each member of their class in order to improve performance, improve player satisfaction within the raid and guild, and establish the equitable distribution of loot within their class. Class Leaders will be responsible for creating a loot distribution plan for their unique class to be reported to their Role Leader for adjustment and approval. Class Leaders shall only report a loot distribution plan to their Role Leader when a majority is reached within the members of that class. In cases where there is a significant percentage of dissension, discussion shall take place with additional guild leadership as necessary until 100% agreement is reached.

Raid Members

Raid Members are expected to consistently report to their class leader regarding their performance, expectations, satisfaction, and feedback regarding the use and distribution of loot to their class within the raid. Raid Members should always be up to date on their class’s best practices, specializations, gear, strategies and any other criteria deemed necessary for the success of that class, including participation in activities outside the raid. Raid Members shall communicate with fellow members of their class, their Class Leader, and their Role Leader on a regular basis to reach agreement regarding assignments within the raid and the distribution of loot.

Reserve Members

Reserve Members are an extremely limited and unique at-will recruitment position. Reserve Members seek to become Raid Members by way of their intended position becoming vacant. Because Raid Members are guaranteed their position for as long as they meet all of their required expectations, being a Reserve Member does NOT guarantee a future position. A Reserve Member will be promoted to the Raid Member role as soon as allowed by a relevant vacancy. This is an ideal position for the patient individual who is intent on both their spec choice and raiding with Celestial Born despite there being no available slot for them.


Members are non-raiding guild participants who are held to all of the standards laid out in this Charter. Acceptance into this role remains selective. This is an ideal position for those who would enjoy playing the game in an organized community such as Celestial Born with no intention to raid.

Initial timeline discussion

This section currently serves as a good litmus test to consider whether joining Celestial Born will be a good fit for you.

Keep in mind that although we promote a raid schedule with breaks, we are still an 8 hour per week raiding guild, a time commitment nearly consistent with that of most 3 day/week guilds. We are attempting to strike a balance between serious play and forgiving scheduling. We expect an initial surge of playtime and will aim to maintain this for the first few weeks of release to get into MC/Ony as quickly as is reasonable to experience these raids before Phase 2 items become available.

Now, what is “reasonable” is not easy to define. We are interested in long term dedication more than speed leveling. Everyone will have different leveling styles and paces. We have to set a target raid date that is “soon enough” to beat Phase 2 drop but not “so soon” that our timeline alienates potentially valuable like-minded members.

Let’s do some napkin math: If Blizzard keeps to a release schedule similar to that of Vanilla then we can expect DM to drop approximately 104 days (Week 14-15) after release. Consider an average steady leveling pace of 240 hours spent to reach level 60 and possibly up to an additional 100 hours to reach pre-raid BiS. Under this estimation (which leans on the high side), to experience a month of Phase 1 raiding we would set our target raid date to Week 10-11.

Continuing with that estimation, to reach a total playtime of 340 hours across 10 weeks, each guild member will have to maintain an average playtime of 34 hours per week. We think this is fair to expect during the initial push. For comparison, there are guilds planning to down Rag Day 5, and some not planning to enter MC until Week 24. We think something in the realm of Week 10 at 34 hours/week is a fair balance for the type of person we are building this guild for—motivated individuals who want to fully experience Classic in an efficient environment but whom also tend to real life time constraints with balance. Sustaining 34 hours/week once we start raiding will generally not be required. Once raiding, CB will only require that each individual comes to raid fully prepared. We also expect that each guild member will maintain a healthy guild relationship, however much time per week that takes. With a 45-man raid roster, and additional membership, we are building a community.

With all of the above said, we ultimately prefer to raid as soon as is viable rather than impose arbitrary requirements, and our 340 hour estimate is probably on the high side. Given that optimal pre-BiS is not required to begin MC progression, we can allow some overlap between our pre-BiS and raid phases. At a pace of 34 hrs/week most of us should be 60 as early as Week 7 and so we will set our target raid start to Week 8 while being open to moving it up or down.

Member expectations

The following expectations will be important to follow throughout the life of the guild, including any guild discussions or activities that take place prior to the release of Classic. Please use them to gauge guild attitude and culture. They should be considered self-evident to those who would fit in here. Consequently, if you disagree with any of the following expectations Celestial Born is not for you. Our intent is to take advantage of an early-recruitment cycle for Classic in order to bring like-minded players together who will establish a thriving, competitive, and healthy guild culture geared toward our collective goals.

Members will read and acknowledge the expectations and requirements of all guild policies, including this charter. All members of Celestial Born, including leadership, will be held equally accountable to the rules and regulations of all guild policies. CB will not tolerate violation of the guild’s policies—you will be expected to know them well.

Our goal is a big one. It will take a long time and require significant dedication and teamwork. We will generally not be strict or punishing in any area of our operation. However, in order to keep the guild running as smooth as possible, the guild is best served by holding ourselves to certain standards:

CB will not tolerate nor discriminate on the basis of actual or perceived race, creed, color, religion, national origin, citizenship status, sex, age, disability, veteran status, bankruptcy or debt, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, gender identity or expression, genetic characteristics, ancestry, or any other classification normally protected by law. While a healthy rivalry between in-game classes, specs, or roles is acceptable, we require civil and courteous behavior towards the real people behind each keyboard.

Members will refrain from displaying, linking to, or discussing politics, religion, illegal activities, sexual orientation, or explicit sexual acts in game chat or our Discord. If such discussions are held privately in a voice channel, be aware that others may join your channel at any time and that you must keep the discussion appropriate with respect to the audience. We do not want to discourage healthy banter, but we do respect that in a guild of this size banter must be respectful and mindful of others.

Be inclusive of all members of the guild and proactively seek and accept group play both through our Discord and in game.

Be mature and respectful while keeping a positive attitude at all times both within and outside the guild. We expect that all members of CB will always represent us well in the greater server community.

Understand that we are guild first. All decisions made by leadership are in the best interest of guild-wide advancement towards T3 BiS and the guild oriented vision of this charter.

Each member of the guild will heavily invest time and effort into one another. Our members are our greatest asset. Do not buy gold and risk the longevity of your account by participating in activities that violate Blizzard’s Terms of Service.

We expect that all CB members understand the value of achieving guild-wide progress. Assuming full equitable utilization and drop-rates in a 40-man raid, 2.5% of the loot will be yours. If you cannot get excited for your fellow guild members getting loot, this is neither your game nor your guild.

There will be loot droughts. There will be time consuming wipes. Private servers got some things wrong. World buffs may not go our way. It’s all okay. Challenging raid nights will catalyze growth and tighten the guild community. Let’s crush it and have some fun.

Your patience is a key ingredient to our long term success.

As a group of players with more time constraints, we understand the value of quality planning and organization. We take your schedule as seriously as you do, and we expect you to respect this central tenet of our guild’s philosophy.

We expect all members to be capable of communicating absences in advance as well as being capable of sitting out when the time comes. Communication and cooperation regarding raid absences and planned roster rotation is a critical function of Celestial Born. This allows us to progress continuously with some measure of reprieve. Respect the roster.

Our start time is our start time. Have your character ready to enter the raid prior to 6:00 p.m. each raid night. CB will strictly enforce start times. We will be in combat on raid night at 6:01 p.m. Be ready.

The main raid is for main raiders. CB will not bring alts to main raid nights. The inclusion of alts in main raid nights will only be considered in the event of a specific guild need for progression, or if a player has expressed written intent to make an alt their main for the good of the guild or for their longevity as a guild member.

We expect members to be vocal and active as necessary in the raid discord. However, we do not want crowded communications with unnecessary chatter during difficult raid moments. We expect that raid members will respect and defer to raid leadership. If you do not have a high-quality or relatively decent microphone, you will be muted on discord for the duration of each raid. We do not want 40 people to resent your voice as a consequence of a poor microphone, nor do we want to hear it.

You must be capable of the play time necessary to come to raids fully prepared and participate in guild discussions as needed to satisfy the requirements of our performance and loot systems.

We will be using Private Logs. It is the intent of CB to use raid logs as an analytical tool (ideally through the WarcraftLogs API as we have members with expert knowledge of how to use them) in order to catalyze raid improvement. We will do so privately. If your primary goal is to gear up and chase public ranks, this is not the place for you. CB does not believe that public logs/rankings are conducive to a guild-first raid environment. While we encourage competition, we prefer to contain it to the guild. Guild leadership may compare performance recorded in our private logs with publicly ranking members of the Classic community, but we will not publicly rank in any capacity other than in non-guild reported first-clear rankings.

Know your class and perform reasonably competitively (~80%) with the most competitive of us. We expect that each raider will be driven to increase their performance raid by raid. CB will hold members of the raid accountable for their performance. All feedback will be constructive and geared toward the success of the guild. As each phase of Classic releases, we expect that the performance gap between our lowest performing and highest performing members will tighten. CB will offer appropriate infrastructure to facilitate this expectation—you must be an eager participant willing to receive feedback and discuss your strengths and weaknesses. Our guild will share excitement regarding each raider’s ability to grow. As you improve, so does the raid.

All guild leadership will strive to keep all guild matters completely transparent and operate with the utmost professionalism and courtesy for members of the guild, even in difficult or heated situations. We expect that all members of the guild reciprocate to both leadership and their fellow members.

Do we sound like a good fit? Head over to the Apply page to see our openings and fill out an application. If you have any questions head over to Contact and get in touch with us through Discord.