Celestial Born was founded on April 15, 2019 and formally launched on August 26, 2019 with the release of World of Warcraft Classic.

Celestial Born is a new guild with no prior experience raiding together.

Our raid core largely consists of raiders with high level PVE and PVP backgrounds spanning over a decade of various Retail WoW expansions.

We have little to no private server experience and we enjoy applying modern raiding practices in Classic to theorycraft, minmax, and improve.

We are a passionate raiding team committed to experiencing all of Classic to the fullest extent as we were not able to do it the first time around. We are united by a love for the game and the drive to raid effectively.

Our raid team is largely working class with folks from a number of industries ranging from NASA scientists, citrus farmers, graphic designers, programmers, educators, and much more.

Leadership Team

GM: Aeg (Vuriel in-game)
Officers: Zeaton, Fayre, and Smoke
Caster Role Leader: Gargoyal
Melee Role Leaders: Palmie and Mac
Healing Role Leader: Noisome


We focus on overall raid efficiency and competitive guild-level goals. Our strategies will always reflect the success of the guild over individual performance goals. For the most up to date information regarding our raiding results to date, please review our WarcraftLogs.

Due to our 2-night raid schedule and working-class core, our primary focus is efficient and competitive raiding to the greatest extent possible. Competitive progression efforts (raiding outside of standard raid days/hours in pursuit of server 1st) will be voted on and decided as an entire team. Our focus on speed raiding is both a competitive outlet and a means to develop efficient raiding habits that will serve us in the future in larger raids with more content to conquer.

Please click the tabs below to explore some of our notable achievements:

BWL Speed – P3/P4 (25:14): Server 2nd, US 35, World 136

BWL Progress: Server 1st, US 34, World 97

Progression (HM Hakkar): Server 1st, US 3, World 32

MC Speed – P1/P2 (33:54): Server 1st, US 20, World 67




In order to maintain a successful 2-day raid week, we have designed numerous operational tools. Scheduling, loot assignments, raid compositions, tank and healing assignments, and guild banking are all organized into accessible spreadsheets that are continuously updated by leadership. Please see below for a sample of our operational organization.

To expedite our raiding experience and maximize the ability to have quality loot discussions, all Celestial Born loot is pre-determined outside of raid. We know where every piece of loot is going before we step foot in each and every raid. All loot distribution priorities and records are publicly available.

Our raid compositions are balanced to maximize loot across distribution orders and to achieve our competitive goals. Driven by a passion for raiding, the Celestial Born raid team maintains phenomenal attendance across the board including opt-in split raiding.

Our raid schedule is balanced between optimizing the acquisition of loot via split raiding and competitive 40-man raiding. We do not have an alt requirement but the large majority of our raid team maintains a raid ready alt for BWL and MC splits. In general, we rotate between split raid weeks (2-3 weeks per month) and 40-man raiding (1-2 weeks per month) aligned to the Darkmoon Faire.

Sometimes we have a little fun too, don’t tell Noisome…

Blooper Reel

Interested in Joining?

Explore our Charter to review our guild’s policies and goals. Please click HERE to apply. Positions are highly competitive but if you think our policies and organization resonate with you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you have any questions or would like to work with us as another guild, please contact FAYRE#0120 on Discord.